By  Clae Sae and Mike Wong

In honor of World Cocktail Week, we’ve put together a list of our favourite cocktails in town to celebrate this current Bangkok drinking fad… We hope this one lasts.

Gooseberry Julep at Shades of Retro This obscure-fruit, old-timey mashup drink offers maximum hipster cred. A mint julep variation that combines bourbon, mint and gooseberries, giving a tart twist to the traditional minty Southern cocktail. The juicy gooseberries stolen from your grandma’s pie recipe (we won’t tell her) get mashed with crushed ice and a dose of Bourbon whisky. The resulting concoction is a slushy, pulpy treat perfect for sipping as you watch the Kentucky Derby… or whatever the Thai equivalent is.

Sicilian Bastard at Seven Spoons The drink to dig on a dinner date. Forget wine pairings. Perfectly balanced vodka martinis are the rage. Kicking vermouth to the curb, this cocktail takes an Italian turn, combining Limoncello and amaretto with a dash of vodka. After being shaken and topped off with a fluffy egg white foam, shaved cinnamon tops the glass and makes for an aromatic sipping experience. While meant to be enjoyed slowly, these tasty things go down like candy when coupled with the restaurant’s well-spiced cuisine.

The Junyo Maru at Fat Gut’z A drink that’ll leave you rejuvenated, revitalized, and drunk. Curiously named after an old sunken Japanese battleship, you’ll know why after easily sinking a few yourself. Irish whisky gets tamed by a soothing blend of crushed cucumbers, honey melon, maple, and a hearty dose of fresh lime. The tangy mixture drinks like frosty lemonade and leaves you with chilled, munchable cucumber sticks in your glass. Name it whatever you want, we call it refreshing.

Mojito con Cerveza at WTF Bar The drink that’ll get you complete off your knocker. You know the ones that say “liquor before beer and you’re in the clear?” This drink spits in their face with tasteful belligerence. It’s got all the same beginnings of a regular mojito – muddled limes and mint and a healthy shot of rum – but instead of topping it off with soda, they give you a Tiger beer to top it off yourself. Though WTF is known to have more artisanal concoctions, this one does the trick better than most. Be warned: If you start the night with this, you’ll be drunker than your friends.

Heaven on Earth at W XYZ Bar The drink that’ll grab all of the attention From the pop rock candies to the dry ice fog bubbling out, you’re making a statement by drinking this. If it was stripped of XYZ’s molecular gastronomy add-ons, this cocktail would still be a knockout. A couple ounces of Grey Goose La Poire mixed in with muddled apples and limes, a dash of elderflower syrup and you’ve got an elegant drink. Strawberries and pop rocks for garnish make it less serious. This cocktail is gimmicks galore (which could be said about a lot of XYZ’s cocktails) but you’ll have fun drinking it. And that’s the point, right?

Sazerac de Justine with rye at WTF Bar The drink that’ll put hair on your chest. The Sazerac is a simple drink with a very particular preparation method. The New Orleans classic goes down smooth and stiff if done right, or it can make you cringe. Don’t believe us? Try one here, and then try one anywhere else and taste the difference. They throw in just enough absinthe to coat the chilled glass, they mix up rye and Peychaud’s Bitters in a separate cooled glass, then combine them in the first glass and serve. The Peychaud’s softens the warring liquors, but the drink is still tough as nails. Originally the Sazerac was made with cognac until a grapevine disease wiped out most of the vineyards in Europe in the late 1800′s. But since good rye is a rarity in Bangkok, indulge in it while you still can.

The Saketel at Salt Restaurant The drink that wishes it was in Japan. This cocktail drinks like a bowl of spiked punch at a dinner party, but with more refined ingredients than the Sunny Delight and cheap whiskey concoction that’s more common in these situations. Equal parts of sake and Ketel One are splashed together with cinnamon syrup. Fresh marjoram brings together the cinnamon, goji berries, and fresh lime and gives the drink a piney smell that’s like an exotic Christmas for alcoholics.

Wa Do Dem, Mon? at Viva & Aviv The drink for those who prefer a little dessert in their cocktail. Though loosely translated to “What’s wrong with them, man?” in Jamaican patois, there’s nothing wrong with this eccentric mix of flavors plundered from a patisserie. Sticking to the bar’s Caribbean theme, shots of Jamaican Appleton dark and white rum gives it a boozy backbone while the ground allspice and ginger slices add zesty dimension. Finished with the fruity sweetness of banana slivers and fresh citrus, you’ve got an ambrosial drink perfect for post-meal lazing about while gazing at the Chao Phraya.

Bun Bang Fai at Soul Food Mahanakorn The drink that is spicier than your som tum. Soul Food Mahanakorn is all about cocktail and food pairings but be wary of what you pair the Bun Bang Fai with. Think twice before you match this one up with a spicy dish unless you’re ready for fiery hell in your mouth. But this drink stands alone very nicely: tequila, almond syrup, egg whites, and an intense red chilli kicker are mixed up and served on the rocks. It’s a Soul Food classic.

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