What better way to kick off an Asian fusion evening than with a delicious cocktail packed with Asian-influenced flavours? Every month Mango Ginger will be teaming up with one of Bangkok’s best new restaurants to serve you up a cocktail to accompany the recipes, each with a seasonal twist. Seven Spoons offers simple, sumptuous dining with a wide range of Mediterranean and Asian-influenced dishes with plenty of choice for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. Seven Spoons also boasts an exciting selection of cocktails created by their very own mixologist, Buk who shares his secrets right here so you can enjoy them in your own home.
Better Weather

This is a cocktail to toast the end of the January blues, warm you up inside and remind you that there’s better weather ahead.
2 tsp wild honey
4 slices ginger
60 ml apple juice
60 ml Jack Daniels
Sprig of mint
  1. Slice 4 large slices of ginger into abostonglass
  2. Pour in 2 oz/60ml Jack Daniels
  3. Add 2 bar spoons/shallow teaspoons wild honey
  4. Stir together the honey, ginger and whiskey
  5. Then add 2 oz/60ml apple juice
  6. Muddle everything together
  7. Half fill thebostonglass with ice
  8. Shake the cocktail ingredients well with the ice
  9. Serve the cocktail on the rocks in thebostonglass and garnish with a sprig of mint

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