Lentil fritters with olive cream cheese (vegetarian) … 160B

Lentil balls served with olive cream cheese and a spring of mint for unexpected kick.


Vienna sausages with apple and red cabbage sauerkraut … 160B

Flavorful pork sausage cuts accompanied by our homemade sauerkraut.


Mango salsa shrimp soft taco … 220B

A favorite! Soft taco stuffed with a golden mango salsa, cilantro and shrimp.


Sustainably caught green back sardines with red cabbage coleslaw … 220B

Sustainable fisher folk green back sardines with red cabbage slaw and horseradish sauce


Seared asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon with dill cheese … 240B

Organic asparagus, soft dill cheese, balsamic reduction and smoked salmon


Grilled chicken, cheddar cheese and smoked chipotle pepper quesadilla … 200B

Golden quesadillas stuffed with free range chicken, chipotle peppers and cheddar cheese


Crispy pig ears with harissa mayo … 220B

For satisfying snacking try our moreish fried pig ears with spicy harissa mayo




Summer days watermelon and tomato feta salad (vegetarian) … 210B

Refreshing watermelon, tomatoes and feta on a bed of greens drizzled with vinaigrette


Middle Eastern delight beetroot falafel salad (vegetarian) … 220B

Falafel balls, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and caper berries on bed of greens with tzaziki dressing


Quinoa salad with mango, avocado and mushroom fritti (V) … 220B

Fresh greens with pressed quinoa, mango and avocado topped with mushroom fritti


Crispy parma ham, sweet pea and rocket salad with butter mint sauce … 220B

Crispy ham tops this salad founded on classic flavors of mint and pea


Sirin free range chicken, goat’s cheese, green apple and caramelized walnut salad … 260B

Crisp apples, grilled Sirin farms free range chicken and caramelized walnuts with balsamic dressing




Spinach tortellini with burnt miso butter sauce and walnuts (vegetarian) … 280B

House favorite: artisanal tortellini stuffed with spinach, topped with burnt miso butter.


Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce and lentil and spinach balls (vegetarian) … 280B

Light and fluffy gnocchi with lentil spinach fritters, creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce and pistachios.


Arancini (Risotto ball), selected seafood with marinara sauce … 340B
Top seller. Lightly crisped risotto served with shrimp and squid and tangy marinara sauce


Chorizo, black olive and fresh rocket linguine with ground macademia … 290B

Linguine, spicy chorizo sausage, black olives with Petchabun macademia nuts.


Ox tongue with gruyere mushroom sauce and casareccia pasta … 320B

Braised ox tongue in a decadent gruyere mushroom sauce, served on casareccia pasta.


Crab ravioli with Kampot pink peppercorn cream sauce … 320B

Handmade ravioli stuffed with crab and accompanied by a punchy pink peppercorn cream sauce.


Pulled duck and Thai sweet pepper ragu on rigatoni … 340B

Hearty pulled duck in rich tomato ragu with Thai sweet peppers. Served on rigatoni.



Creamy yogurt lentils and spinach on wholewheat blini (vegetarian) … 260B

Earthy lentils and spinach mixed with yogurt and served on a buckwheat blini (Russian pancake)


Grilled paneer, spiced chickpeas and potatoes in butter ginger sauce (vegetarian) … 320B

Rich paneer (firm cottage cheese) in ginger butter sauce with potatoes and chickpeas


Sustainably caught King Mackerel with Aleppo pepper  … 380B

Delicious Pla.Organic King Mackerel with Aleppo pepper and olive tomato salad


Smoked duck with sautéed pumpkin and star anise sauce … 420B

Tender smoked duck set off with buttery pumpkin and fragrant star anise sauce


Slow cooked Irish beef shank stew with Udomsuk stout … 520B

Comfort food at its best, slow cooked beef shank done Irish style with Udomsuk stout


Surin Farms ethically raised pork belly with rum raisin sauce … 580B

Antibiotic free Surin Farms pork belly accompanied by rum raisin sauce and cauliflower


Grilled beef ribeye with Himalayan wild Szechuan pepper, Cointreau sauce … 980B

Ribeye with Himalayan wild Szechuan pepper, Cointreau gravy sauce


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